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All parking should be integrated and easy to navigate.

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Integrate Street & Deck Parking

All the data in one place

Our Movatic platform is flexible and can be integrated with any vendor who provides street and deck parking hardware. We’re so confident in our solution that we provide open data and API access, which gives you the data access to easily switch vendors.

Discover Parking

Our parking technology is integrated so that users know all of the available spots both on-street and in parking structures. Users also have the ability to reserve and pay for parking.

Seamless Parking Experience

Our parking app allows users to easily find, reserve and pay for parking using their smartphone. Built-in billing provides a seamless user experience.

Easy to Setup

Providing an intuitive and seamless experience is our priority. We’ll walk you through your Movatic-powered system so that you know the ins and out. Hardware and software setup is included in the price.

Manage Parking Prices

In addition to reserving and paying for parking, our technology easily accommodates daily, weekly and monthly parking plans. Is your city having an event? Easily adjust prices with our dynamic pricing feature.

Know Your User

How many people are driving downtown? How far are they commuting from? Each user is identified by their phone number and credit card so that you can learn about your communities parking habits.

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How it Works


Download the Movatic App

Enter Your Payment Information

Find the Parking Space

Click on the Space to Reserve and Your Rental Begins!

End Rental

Open Movatic App

Click to End Rental

Rental Automatically Bills

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