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One management service for all of your mobility needs.
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Management Service

Real time mobility service that allows you to manage all modes of transportation in one place.

Automates Management

Our management system saves you time by automating user registration, reservation and billing. User access to your system can be restricted by email and admin authorization, keeping you in control over who uses your system and when.

Booking & Billing

Our booking and billing feature makes accounting easy by allowing you to set and collect usage fees from users automatically. Fees are directly deposited into your bank account with built-in reporting.

Real Time Data & Reports

How many rentals are occurring? What is the average length of a trip? Where do people travel? We make vital data and statistics simple to understand so you can keep your system managed at peak efficiency.

On Demand Mobility

Users have instant access to your system, providing them with real-time transportation availability and updates to choose their most efficient route.

Instant Access

Our smartphone apps and optional kiosks allow users to sign up instantly, eliminating unnecessary wait and processing time.

On Demand Usage

Users are able to reserve or use your system 24/7 for however long they need. Gone are the days of being limited by long term rentals, increasing system efficiency.

Superior User Experience

Our Android and iOS are designed to create a simple and intuitive experience, leading to increased system usage.


We can integrate your current hardware or design a custom solution for your new system.

Current Hardware

Already have a hardware system? Join our growing list of partners by letting us integrate your current hardware with our mobility management system.

New Hardware

Building a brand new system? Use our mobility management system from the get-go.

About Us

Getting around should be simple. So should managing it.

Movatic was born out of a passion for creating better connected and greener communities. We partner with manufacturers to connect their hardware to our mobility management tools, simplifying mobility management for operators and users alike. By making public transportation easier to manage, we are able to increase usage and system scale. That means less CO2 and more accessible and affordable transportation solutions for all.

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Talk to us about integrating Movatic with your current hardware or mobility management needs and join our growing list of partners.

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