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Thought bikeshare was out of reach for your community? Think again.

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Our Benefits

Affordable Solution

Bikeshare should be accessible to all communities. Our smartphone-based system with optional kiosk support provides an affordable alternative to traditional bikesharing.

Improve Customer Experience

Our Movatic smartphone app empowers users to find, reserve, rent and pay for bikeshare usage. Interested in users’ experience with your system? Our app includes a user feedback feature, so that they can evaluate their experience.

Increase Bikeshare Usage

Getting the most out of your system is important. A Movatic-powered system grows your customer base by allowing anyone with a smartphone to find and access your bikeshare. Concerned about who is using your bikeshare system? Simply use our access control features.

Eliminate Key Management

Tired of buying, distributing and managing keys? Our smartphone-based solution eliminates the hassle of key management.

Know your Users

Interested in knowing who is using your system and for how long? Each user is identified by their phone number and credit card. This information also allows you to manage and restrict access to your bikeshare system through email and admin authorization.

Easy to Setup

Our software is designed to be intuitive. However, we understand that implementing a new software system can be challenging. That’s why it’s our priority to walk you through your system so that you know the ins and outs. Hardware and software setup is included in the price.

How it Works


Download the Movatic App

Enter Your Payment Information

find the nearest bikeshare station

Click to Reserve and Your Rental Begins!

End Rental

Open Movatic App

Click to End Rental

Rental Automatically Bills

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Our Package

Software Solution

Movatic provides a smartphone application and mobility management platform that grants users electronic access to your bikeshare system. Users are able to find, reserve, and rent bikeshare by integrating our software with your current hardware.

Complete Bikeshare Solution

Looking for a complete bikeshare solution? Movatic can put together a software and hardware solution with our hardware partners.

Complete Cyclist Solution

Looking to accommodate all cyclists in your community? Movatic can put together a complete solution, including bikeshare, bike lockers & rooms, and software management. This creates a seamless experience for all cyclists, helping you create a truly bike-friendly community.

Our Partners

Looking to upgrade your bikeshare system? Join our growing list of partners to offer a cost effective solution.

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