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Upgrade your bike rooms to include electronic access.
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Our Benefits

Improve Customer Experience

Smart phone access helps users to find, reserve, rent and pay for bike room useage all in one place. Users can easily provide customer feedback, keeping you up to date on your bike rooms.

Increase Usage

Usage is no longer limited to the few who have ID cards. The Movatic app expands your customer base by allowing anyone with a smartphone to find and access your bike room. Concerned about who is using your app? Simply use our access control features.

Eliminate Key Management

Reduce the hassle of key management. Our smartphone access eliminates the need to make, distribute, or replace keys. Plus, save money on administrative costs and buying key.

Know your Users

Each user is identified by their phone number and credit card so that you can restrict and manage access to your bike rooms. Do this through our admin or email authorization. You’ll know exactly when and for how long each customers is renting.

Easy to Setup

Providing an intuitive and seamless experience is our priority. We’ll walk you through your Movatic-powered system so that you know the ins and out. Hardware and software setup is included in the price.

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How it Works


Download the Movatic App

Enter Your Payment Information

Find the Bike Room or Shelter

Click on a Locker to Unlock and Your Rental Begins!


Open Movatic App

Click to End Rental

Rental Automatically Bills


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