Secured bicycle parking just went electronic.

Powered by Movatic, Secured by Cyclesafe

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Innovation in Bike Parking

Modern Bike Locker

Gone are the days of issuing ID cards and struggling to find bike locker locations. Movatic-powered bike lockers allow users to find, reserve, rent, and pay for bike locker usage via the Movatic app.

Management made easier

Spend less time managing your bike locker systems. Movatic-powered bike lockers include built in payment, user list and access control, and live-data reporting.

Maximize your systems usage

Make bike lockers more accessible. With the Movatic app, anyone with a smartphone is able to use your system. Concerned about security? Our access control feature allows you to grant and restrict usage.

Easy to Integrate

CycleSafe will work with you to upgrade your current hardware to an electronic t-handle lock or customize a solution. As far as software management goes, we’re happy to guide you through the Movatic software. Providing an intuitive and seamless experience is our priority. Hardware and software setup is included in the price.

Know who's using your system

Security is a priority for CycleSafe and Movatic. That’s why we make sure that every user can be identified through their phone number and credit card. Our admin and email authorization allows you to manage and restrict access to your bike locker. You’ll know who is using your system, when they’re using it, and for how long they’re renting.

Easy to Setup

Providing an intuitive and seamless experience is our priority. We’ll walk you through your Movatic-powered system so that you know the ins and out. Hardware and software setup is included in the price.

How it Works


Download the Movatic App

Enter Your Payment Information

Find the Bike Locker

Click on a Locker to Unlock and Your Rental Begins!


Open Movatic App

Click to End Rental

Rental Automatically Bills


We partnered with CycleSafe, the leader in bike locker security for over thirty years, to bring electronic access to bike lockers.

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